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Rooted in the praxis of design thinking, our workshops are completely customized to your organization and your goals. We believe that the best way to learn about others is to design in community with them. Through a series of highly participatory and collaborative experiences, your organization will create the types of programs and communications that make a difference.




Our guiding principles

Dual Immersion™

You can’t be successful co-creators if you don’t know each other. Many community engagement efforts fail because there’s an imbalance between “designer” and those we are designing for.  In order to be true co-designers, it is necessary to evoke empathy and understanding in both directions.


Externally you’ll be able to deeply and actively understand what matters most to your community, while internally you’ll be able to work in a more  integrated and synergetic way, reducing or eliminating organizational silos.


We know that the system can be re-designed, so we identify the places where we need to intervene to provoke the change we want to see.  

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